Online Business & Launch Management for the Entrepreneur with ALL the Ideas

The dream team for all the systems, strategy, and pizzazz for every launch and the day-to-day management of YOUR creative business

Welcome to Launch House + Co.

We are the go-to for you, girl.

You can’t generate the revenue and profits you are aiming for AND make in impact if you are flying solo.

Many hands make like work and you’re better off partnering with hands that can free every area as your business grows with your creativity and audience needs

Together we can bring all of the ideas swirling in that beautiful brain of yours to life. It’s all about strategy, implementation, and delegation. {that’s on us.}

Coaches, course creators and entrepreneurs who are ready to take their business to the next level with day-to-day business management all while planning that next profitable course or program launch

Our girls really do bring the fire to everything they touch. Our team of ladies are experts in their areas of specialty which gives you the freedom to vision and create. Let them take over the doing and implementing- – you do what you do best.

 So, come on inside The Launch House. Take off your shoes. Start creating. We’ll take care of the rest 

I brought Launch House & Co. into my team as Project Managers, during a particularly difficult life transition, and developed a great partnership with them.  Their kindness, attention to detail, creative approach, and dedication to my business allowed me to take the step back that I needed, all the while ensuring my clients and team were well taken care of. Love these ladies!

Holly J. | HJ Virtual Solutions

Why do we do what we do? YOU!

To change how you feel as the CEO, visionary, and voice in your industry.

It’s time to leave the stress, overwhelm, and isolation of running your creative business in the past. You have too much to say, create, and achieve- – we need to get it out of ideation and into the hands of those who need it.

As a team of powerful women, we have missioned to partner with other women (that’s YOU, girl!) to be THE in-house team that supports you, brings strategy to your table, and checkmarks to the goals and ideas in your head.

From the marketing of the day-to-day, systems to scale, and launch plans that fit your timeline- – we are the resource you need to DO IT ALL and DO IT WELL.

It’s time to be the YOU that your audience needs..

It’s time to get CREATIVE with what you are putting into the world.

It’s time to have FUN running your business again.

Girl, you know you’ve been put here to make an impact with that creative, multi-passionate mind of yours

  • Run with the fire & passion that burns inside of you
  • Earn the income you are ready to earn in your business
  • Live a life that honors the boundaries of family and personal time
  • See those you are called to serve changed because you did the dang thing
  • Feel the sigh of relief that you deserve

These girls continually meet my needs and the needs of my clients!

You’d rate Launch House & Co. 5 stars just like I did if you value epic responsiveness, collaborative working relationships, supreme adaptability in graphic design over a broad scope of industries.

As a business owner, I need professionalism, high attention to detail, creativity, and flexibility. So for me, Launch House & Co. continually meet my needs and the needs of my clients.

If you aren’t engaging with LH&Co., then maybe these things aren’t your priority. [Just kidding – you need to work with these girls – they are incredible!]

– Winnie | Lemon & Gingr


Okay Ma’am!

Are you ready to do your thing?

(Good! Because we are ready to do ours!)

So how can we work together?

Online Business Management

We support you with Strategy, Project Management, and Implementation of Marketing and systems in the day-to-day operations of your business. 

all-inclusive launch support

Course Launch, Youtube Launch, Podcast Launch- – there are processes and timelines built into our process that make getting yourself out there easy as pie.

mini management

Want to start small? Pick your first area of business to delegate (we’re talking Social Media Management, Email & Blog Support, Graphic Design, Copywriting) and we’ll take it from there.

Web Design + Visual Branding for coaches

Every course and program has a creator and business it’s attached to. We partner with you to give a fully fleshed out hub for your business that makes launching easy with full service design and copywriting

Our job is to market your business, manage your growth, and achieve your goals!

Blush House Media has been on my extended team for several years. Chelsea and Dani are full of integrity, thoughtful, and are professionals in their disciplines and craft. I never worry about the quality, tardiness, or independent thought and creative ideas when I work with them. They are in my referral directory because of the amazing humans they are as well as the outstanding product they provide The Ops Authority. They are a dream team and I’m proud to have them… and share them! 

– Natalie Gingrich | The Ops Authority