Have you ever clicked on an Instagram ad and been taken to a website that looks nothing like the ad? It’s jarring, right? And chances are, you probably didn’t make a purchase. That’s because a cohesive brand aesthetic builds trust and sets expectations for your customers. When your brand imagery, colors, fonts, and even language all work together in harmony, it shows that you know who you are as a brand and what value you offer. Plus, it just looks darn good! So take some time to define your brand aesthetic and make sure all of your marketing materials align with it. Your customers (and your conversions) will thank you. Trust us – we know our stuff.

Keep reading to learn 3 ways you can create a cohesive brand aesthetic for your business.

Define Your Brand Personality

Before you can start creating content or working on your visual branding, you need to take some time to define your brand personality. What kind of voice do you want to use? How formal or informal should it be? What kind of emotions do you want your ideal customer to feel when they interact with your brand?

Your answers to these questions will give you a solid foundation to start building the rest of your brand. And if you’re struggling to figure out what your brand’s personality should be, think about brands that you love and admire – what is it about their voice and messaging that resonates with you? Use that as inspiration for your own brand.

Choose Your Color Scheme Carefully

Your color scheme is one of the first things people will notice about your visual branding, so it’s important to choose wisely! Look at some of your favorite brands and notice what colors they use – chances are, those colors are carefully chosen to match their overall messaging and target audience. For example, baby brands tend to use pastel colors because they’re soft and calming, while fitness brands often use brighter colors because they’re energetic and encourage action.

Consider your target audience and what colors would appeal to them based on what result they would be looking for in your services or products.

When choosing colors for your own brand, consider both the meanings of each color as well as how they work together. You don’t have to limit yourself to 2 or 3 colors – but make sure that the colors you do choose complement each other well. And if you’re not sure where to start, there are plenty of free online color palette generators (like this one!) that can help inspire you. You can also check out Pinterest for different color palettes that have been put together by other creators as ideas for home decorating, branding, etc.

Develop Consistent Visual Elements

In addition to having a strong color scheme, it’s also important to have some consistent visual elements that appear across all of your channels. This could be something as simple as using the same font in your logo as well as in your social media posts or making sure that all of your photos have a similar editing style.

Consistent visual elements help solidify your overall aesthetic and make it instantly recognizable – even if someone only sees a small part of it. So take some time to brainstorm what those elements could be, and then make sure they’re incorporated into all aspects of your visual branding moving forward.

Let’s Wrap it up!

A cohesive brand aesthetic is essential if you want people to trust your business – after all, inconsistency breeds distrust! By taking the time to define your brand personality, choosing complementary colors, and developing consistent visual elements, you’ll be well on your way to creating an aesthetic that represents your business in the best possible light.