Well, hey friend!

A giant WELCOME to the official group coaching program for Virtual Assistants hosted by The Launch House & Co. ladies!

If you are interested in starting a profitable business or side hustle from home as a Virtual Assistant or want to increase your networking and visibility as you continue to grow your client base… then you’ve found the right friend group (and coaches) to get you there.

Pull up a chair and let’s have a chat <3

Have you ever felt like…

  • You want to work from home but have no idea where to start
  • There has to be something more affordable (and profitable) than signing up for another MLM
  • You want to be a work from home Virtual Assistant but don’t know if you have the right skills or knowledge
  • You want the freedom to choose your working hours and salary without having to forfeit the things that are important to you?
  • You wished someone would just tell you what to do, when to do it, and how to be successful without having to spend hours googling “how to work from home” for hours a day?

Girl, YES! Those are all things we said before we built our business…

That’s why you are in the RIGHT PLACE at the RIGHT time because we answer all of those questions and more inside of our group coaching membership – – To VA & Beyond!

It’s time to feel the fulfillment, excitement, and fun that comes from doing something you love alongside friends and peers who will support you, equip you, and encourage you throughout your journey. 

With our program you will finally:

  • Have step-by-step guidance on how to build a business around YOUR skills (yes you have them!)
  • Know exactly where to go to find clients
  • Have a team of peers and coaches that will help you connect with potential clients and support you as you sign those contracts
  • Answer questions in real-time (like how to price, how to build a website, how to stand out and be visible, etc.)
  • Learn high-end skills from experts to help you grow in your experience and increase your value
  • Have the confidence that comes from real-time support from coaches

The dreamy part of the whole program- – you don’t have to have a clue what a Virtual Assistant is to be successful and you don’t have to be a newbie in the space to get high-value, either!

Our program was built for YOU at whatever stage of the Virtual Assistant Journey you find yourself in!

Our stand-out, high-energy, profit-building group coaching program that’s in a league of its own. We know success comes through relationships and resources and we’ve built the most affordable hub to give you BOTH!

We’ve been where you are but we want you to BE where WE are (and go farther)

Imagine if you could…

  • Determine the hours, days, and location you work
  • Be the final say in your income potential (and when to give yourself a raise)
  • See hope in paying down debts without compromising your day-to-day lifestyle goals
  • Be connected to other women who support you, refer work your way, and don’t make a dime off of your success (they just support you because they love you)
  • Have the time & space for the creative and philanthropic goals you’ve been dreaming of diving into

    Don’t just take our word for it… here’s what other students have to say:

    It’s time to stop spinning your wheels trying to figure out what to do with the burning desire to have more financial wiggle room and finding fulfillment and fun while doing it…

    No more spending your days:

    • Searching Pinterest for ways to make money at home
    • Tossing around the idea of investing in MLM
    • Looking up couponing ideas & ways to budget to buy you a bit more time
    The truth is, friend, you can’t budget your way into more income and you can’t buy your way into an income-generating business.

    It’s just not that easy.

    BUT, you CAN stop the searching, scrolling, and screaming in frustration and find the tools you’ve been looking for in one place with the guarantee of fast action wins!

    Here’s how To VA & Beyond is different from other programs:

    It’s wildly affordable (think Netflix pricing… but with profit-building potential)
    You have direct access to be able to simplify the process of building your own business that looks high-end (even with a low budget)
    You get to determine YOUR launch offers and how to package them for success
    You’ll know EXACTLY how to pitch your services and where to find them online
    You have direct access to MULTIPLE coaches with varying expertise to give you real-time support and training
    You’ll have the framework for growth and guided marketing strategy for your business
    You will own every offer, product, and idea you develop so you determine your own rates, income, and offers

    So what’s inside?

     Here’s what’s in there…

    Monthly Coaching Calls  & Personalized Mentorship

    We pulled 6 years of experience and success into a community built around step-by-step guidance for you. Through calls, Community Support, and on-demand access to us during your time in the membership, you’ll have all the support you need to power through any obstacle or question as it arises.

    The Launch that VA Business Accelerator Course

    Lifetime access to our Launch that VA Business Accelerator Course that breaks down set-up, marketing, and growth for your Virtual Assisting Business. Inside is the framework for your business from start to growth. Building with these systems will ensure a high-quality experience for future clients (and peace of mind for you as the business owner)

    *up to* 2 LIVE Calls a Month

    To ensure you are supported & able to flourish as you build your business we will host 2 LIVE Calls a month. Every tier gets access to a focused coaching topic per month. For our second-tier friends, we will also host an exclusive hot-seat coaching experience that tackles targeted methods for YOUR business and opens the floor for you to ask the experts questions.


    Access to a Design & Tech Expert

    Chelsea is our in-house designer and tech specialist. She will be able to make website, social media set-up, and branding simple and accessible for any experience level

    Access to a Copywriter & Marketing/Launch Expert

    Dani is our in-house strategist and copywriter. She will be able to make sales copy, lead generating, and launch planning as easy as a check-list (without exhausting your personal network or cold pitching)

    Community and Networking Opportunities

    Because friendship and partnership is the KEY to our success we have built-in opportunities for you to craft your business on the same core value- – relationships are key. Throughout your membership, we will have opportunities and space for you to get to know the gals going through the building process with you so you can support each other as you grow.


    The Goal of To VA & Beyond is to bottle up the #1 secret to our success — Friendship, Community, and Experience — and gift it to you.


    • Proposals that Convert Template
    • Welcome Sequence Swipe-File
    • Building a Schedule that Fits your Life & Business E-Book

    The Launch House & Co is THE answer for your VA Coaching needs! These gals are knowledgeable, sincere, brilliant, and FUN!  I have been an executive in the corporate world for 25+ years but have never charted the waters of the virtual world. I made the decision to enlist the help of The Launch House & Co and it was the best decision I ever made.  They were ready and available to answer all my questions, no matter how big or small. They walked me through the process seamlessly and within the FIRST week of going live, I landed my first client. The best part of all, they are still there for me as I am learning and growing my VA business. The Launch House & CO is simply the best option out there for those just starting out or those seasoned VA’s who want to go to the next level! I can’t recommend them highly enough!

    -Shelisa H. | Hull Solutions

    Are you ready to finally take charge of your life, dreams, and creativity?

    We get started on April 1st

    ** join anytime **

    Well, how much does it cost?

    most affordable

    Monthly Payment of



    • Lifetime Access to Launch that VA Business Accelerator course
    • 1 Coaching Call per month
    • Access to Members Only FB Group for support and connection
    best value

    Monthly Payment of



    • Everything in Tier One PLUS
    • Hot Seat Coaching Call & FAQ Session for more personalized support
    • Networking Events & Referral Directory Access
    • Exclusive Offer for 1:1 Support (at checkout)

    We can’t wait to meet you inside of To VA & Beyond!

    We’re Dani & Chelsea- best friends, complete opposites, and probably the most loyal friend group you could be a part of. (Enneagram 6 & 2 here so you can’t be any more supported than you are as our friend lol) 

    Over 6 years ago we were sitting in the living room and building a website because Dani had a newborn miracle baby and a dream to stay home with her. Chelsea also wanted to be more independent and have the freedom to break out of the monotony of corporate and maybe add a few trips to Disney a year to her to-dos.

    Today, we have a full agency and we are bringing in significantly more than that a month, Dani’s husband now works on the team and was able to quit his full-time job and it’s been the most incredible experience to see a simple goal turn into a business that gets to support women each and every day (client’s and team alike).

    And, that’s where you come in. We are here to help you achieve as much of our success as you want. $300/mo, an extra Disney trip, paid off debt- – all with YOUR skills and no one else’s product.

    We’re proof. You can do it.

      Not sure if To VA & Beyond is right for you?

      Who the Program IS for:

      • Women who are ready to make a legitimate investment in THEIR skills and build something that they actually own
      • Women who feel drawn to a more freeing lifestyle so they can fill their schedule with what matters to them
      • Women who are ready to build, embrace, and support friendships and grow with others so we can all succeed

      Who the Program is NOT for:


      • Someone who ISN’T a self-starter. We provide great materials but you have to be willing to put in the work
      • Idea Chasers. If you are constantly chasing the next ‘big thing’ but you’ve never followed through- – this isn’t the program for you.
      • Someone looking for a quick buck. Truth is, there is no such thing no matter what industry you step into. While it is possible to sign clients quickly it’s not always a guarantee.

      If you’ve read this far then you owe this to yourself…


      You owe it to yourself to answer these questions:


      What IF one coaching call was the difference between where I am now and my financial goals?

      What IF I was one of the women that leveraged the change in the workforce and embraced a new, virtual, way of bringing in income?

      What IF 60 days from now I could experience hope and joy for the future again?

      What IF one module in the course helped me land my first client?

      What IF this is what I’ve been looking for to take ownership of the course my life is on?

      The only way to answer these questions is to get started!

      Top FAQs

      I’m totally new to the Virtual Assistant world - - can I keep up?
      Absolutely! This program is designed to help beginners get started as Virtual Assistant. We answer questions as we go and make sure to provide as much support as you may need on your journey. You’re in the right place!
      I have no idea what I would even do as a VA. Can you help?
      Absolutely! We cover common areas of focus for new Virtual Assistants and inside the Accelerator we help you identify where you’d like to start. We are always here to help answer any questions or support you as you build out your offers.
      What if I have questions before or after a coaching call?
      We will be here! Through our community, we won’t let you be without support. We are friends, after all!
      How much does a Virtual Assistant usually make?
      The program helps you build out a pricing structure that works for you, however, the typical starting pay for a Virtual Assistant is $20/hr. For our team personally, that’s the minimum we pay our team and our lowest invoice paid out every month is $250 for email support.

      A reminder of what’s inside:



      • Monthly Coaching Calls  & Personalized Mentorship
      • The Launch that VA Business Accelerator Course
      • *up to* 2 LIVE Calls a Month
      • Access to a Design & Tech Expert 
      • Access to a Copywriter & Marketing/Launch Expert 
      • Community and Networking Opportunities


      • Proposals that Convert Template
      • Welcome Sequence Swipe-File
      • Building a Schedule that Fits your Life & Business eBook
      most affordable

      Monthly Payment of



      • Lifetime Access to Launch that VA Business Accelerator course
      • 1 Coaching Call per month
      • Access to Members Only FB Group for support and connection
      best value

      Monthly Payment of



      • Everything in Tier One PLUS
      • Hot Seat Coaching Call & FAQ Session for more personalized support
      • Networking Events & Referral Directory Access
      • Exclusive Offer for 1:1 Support (at checkout)

      We get started on April 1st

      ** join anytime **