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Ready to scale and grow your side hustle into a Thriving, Healthy, Booked-Out Virtual Assistant?

{and have someone tell you step-by-step how to do it?}

You’ve been working on your Virtual Assistant Business and you’ve signed a few clients. You’re likely averaging somewhere between $1k-$2k a month.

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But you know it’s time for a shift.

Because right now:

  • You feel the tension that comes from trading time for money
  • You’re SO over the feeling of fear that comes if you think you are going to lose a client
  • You burnt out on flying solo and know it’s time to bring on help
  • You don’t want to play small with your marketing. You’re ready to be visible and have a pool of eager leads waiting to work with you.
  • You don’t want to do the VA math of calculating what you make after taxes and tools required to do your job

How would your VA Business be different if you could:

  • Confidently own your marketing and have a systematic approach to growth
  • Be equipped with the right strategies to build out the resources that easily attract your ideal audience
  • Utilize high-level marketing strategies to connect with people that have the budget to pay your prices
  • Know who to hire and how to hire to make your life easier
    The Secrets to Create the Perfect Opt-in Offer
    launch house co.

    Our growth and scaling strategies that give you the skills you need to grow into a high-earning business.

    Here’s what you need to know
    (and why this course is so special):

    • It gives you marketing skills that the pros are using and allows you to double dip (use them for yourself and for your clients)
    • It creates the framework for the growth of your team so you can increase your workload without breaking the bank or your back
    • It dives into the tech you need to know, helps you build out the tech stack that’s right for you, and equips you with the knowledge to help you educate new clients

      We’ve wrapped up our entire high-level marketing methods, systems for growing a team, and methods we use to create a passive income flow to increase our earnings without adding more to our to-do’s.

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       Here are the topics we’ll be covering at a high-level in this course:


      • Blogging for Growth
      • Developing an Opt-In
      • Instagram Strategies that work (and aren’t slimy sales tactics)
      • LinkedIn for Lead Generation
      • Using Email Marketing to build relationships with your audience
      • Your steps to hiring team members
      • Proposals that Convert
      • Small daily to-do’s that Make big impacts
      • Getting Testimonials
      • Creating your Tech Stack
      • Building Passive Income


      We want to help you take your business from

      side-hustle to a profitable, scalable business.

      Get started Immediately for

      One Payment of



      We can’t wait to meet you inside of To VA & Beyond!

      We’re Dani & Chelsea- best friends, complete opposites, and probably the most loyal friend group you could be a part of. (Enneagram 6 & 2 here so you can’t be any more supported than you are as our friend lol) 

      Over 6 years ago we were sitting in the living room and building a website because Dani had a newborn miracle baby and a dream to stay home with her. Chelsea also wanted to be more independent and have the freedom to break out of the monotony of corporate and maybe add a few trips to Disney a year to her to-dos.

      Today, we have a full agency and we are bringing in significantly more than that a month, Dani’s husband now works on the team and was able to quit his full-time job and it’s been the most incredible experience to see a simple goal turn into a business that gets to support women each and every day (client’s and team alike).

      And, that’s where you come in. We are here to help you achieve as much of our success as you want. $300/mo, an extra Disney trip, paid off debt- – all with YOUR skills and no one else’s product.

      We’re proof. You can do it.

        The Launch House & Co is THE answer for your VA Coaching needs! These gals are knowledgeable, sincere, brilliant, and FUN!  I have been an executive in the corporate world for 25+ years but have never charted the waters of the virtual world. I made the decision to enlist the help of The Launch House & Co and it was the best decision I ever made.  They were ready and available to answer all my questions, no matter how big or small. They walked me through the process seamlessly and within the FIRST week of going live, I landed my first client. The best part of all, they are still there for me as I am learning and growing my VA business. The Launch House & CO is simply the best option out there for those just starting out or those seasoned VA’s who want to go to the next level! I can’t recommend them highly enough!

        -Shelisa H. | Hull Solutions

        Is Become a Booked-Out Virtual Assistant right for you?

        It definitely is if…

        You are earning $1k-$2k in your business and that feels like playing small

        You know your marketing needs work and you are ready to up-level your skills to see greater impact

        You have considered scaling your business and need methods to grow your team without breaking the bank

        You want your business to become a profitable full-time income that allows you to build the life you want from wherever you are

        Honestly, there is no better time than RIGHT NOW to change your life and take your business to the next profitable level

        We want you take just take a moment and picture where you see yourself in 3-5 years…

        Can we ask you a question?

        Do you truly believe it’s possible to get there by doing what you are doing right now?

        With so much love, that answer is NO.

        It’s proven, the only way to create something different than you’re right now is by doing something different than what you’re doing right now.

          Don’t just take our word for it… here’s what other students have to say:

          It’s time to take your business from side-hustle to a profitable, scalable business.

          Get started Immediately for

          One Payment of




          What exactly do I get when I purchase?

          You will immediately get access to video lessons, workbooks/worksheets, and lifetime access to whatever is added to the course in the future (we add things all the time… it’s kind of our thing)

          What if I haven’t launched my Virtual Assistant Business?

          Then GO HERE to our Launch that VA Business course. It’s only $9 and it’s all the prep work you need to do to make sure this course is successful for you.

          What if I’m not making $1k in my VA Business yet?

          Then GO HERE to our Accelerate your VA Business & Find Clients course. It’s only $47 and it has the foundational pieces you need to fill up your client list. Once you hit the income goal come back here and let’s get you booked-out!

          Do you guarantee I’ll find clients?

          While we can’t guarantee anything we fully stand by the strategies and tools we provide in this course. We’ve beta tested the heck out of these resources and everyone (and that’s a true statement) that followed our steps and stayed consistent signed a client. Often within the first month.