If you’re looking to increase your website’s conversion rate, then you need to make sure you’re offering visitors the perfect opt-in offer. But what exactly makes an opt-in offer irresistible? In this article, we’ll share the secrets to creating the perfect opt-in offer that will have your visitors clamoring to sign up.

Before we dive into the secrets to create the perfect freebie we want to share with you why an opt-in is vital to visibility and growth for your business.

  1. The promise of a freebie is a low-risk way for your audience to get to know you. We all want sales but, as coaches and course creators, we know that it takes trust, likability, and a sense of knowing before anyone is going to swipe their card. An opt-in that’s free (or low-cost) is a great way to exchange a resource for a connection (email address, phone number, etc.) and gives you the chance to nurture your audience and learn what they really want from you/your space.

  2. We can use opt-ins to create a sense of urgency. Truthfully, you know that it IS urgent to get your resources into the hands of your audience. THEY don’t know that, though. That’s why being able to capture a top-level pain point and give an immediate & executable solution that takes little time to implement is going to give a benefit or reward gratification to your audience. That’s KEY. They need to know that even your free items meet direct needs so your paid offers must be even better!

  3. Freebies and opt-ins are a great way to get social proof to and from your audience. The amount of people who opt-in is a great way to leverage reach in other forms of marketing (blogs, social media, etc.) but you can also include testimonials and transformation stories within the opt-in AND the nurture sequence that follows. All together, you’ve built validity and ‘social proof’ with the people who need to see it.

  4. A freebie or opt-in is a great place to give a STRONG call to action (CTA). We can give the benefit or reward gratification and then remind them that this only scratches the surface of what they REALLY need. You create the path for them to see their struggle and give them a compelling solution with a powerful CTA.

So, now that we’ve covered the WHY of a good opt-in, what ARE the secrets to creating the perfect opt-in offer?

First and foremost, your opt-in offer needs to be relevant to your target audience.

That’s a no-brainer. It should solve a problem or address a pain point that your ideal customer is experiencing. If your offer isn’t relevant, then it’s not going to be successful in generating leads. There are so many ways to research what your audience is looking for- – Amazon book reviews in your niche, Pinterest, websites like answer the public, and Instagram polls… they are asking the questions (even if they aren’t the RIGHT question.) Your job is to capture where they are, direct them to where they need to be focused, and get them the quick-win solution your opt-in provides. 

Secondly, your opt-in offer needs to be valuable.

The goal is a quick-win that makes your audience feel seen and implements a simple solution that changes their outlook on whatever problem you are speaking to. It should provide something of value that your target audience is looking for and it should avoid being simple or easy to overlook. Information is great but information without a form of implementation that is made easy for an audience is rarely worth their click on your ‘download now’ button. So, what could you create? This could be in the form of a helpful guide, an exclusive discount, or access to valuable content. We love a good mini-course around here but you could also do a workbook, a masterclass, or an exhaustive list of helpful tips. It doesn’t have to take long to make but going above and beyond will make all the difference.

Third, your opt-in offer needs to be clear and concise.

We can’t stress this enough. Don’t overdo it here. Too much information and you’ll just end up overwhelming your visitors. We don’t want to overwhelm… remember, quick-win is the focus.  Keep it short and sweet so that your visitors know exactly what they’re getting when they sign up. Clear titles, easy-to-understand transformation if they download or sign-up. 

Finally, make sure your opt-in offer is visually appealing.

With the numerous tools there are online there really isn’t a good reason to have a lackluster product. We always recommend Canva because they have templates that you can use and just add your branding to them. SUPER handy!  Use attractive images and colors to make your offer stand out from the rest. Good quality design is what captures your audience (it’s the content that keeps them.) Remember, first impressions count – so make sure your opt-in offer makes a good one!

That’s it. That’s the why and how for you. The secrets to creating the perfect opt-in aren’t really a secret these days but it’s nice to have a comprehensive guide to keep you on track. Our hope is that with the help of this post you’ll be well on your way to creating the perfect opt-in offer that will have your website’s conversion rate soaring in no time. 



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